Purposeful Pieces for the dog and the person

Hand crafted goods designed and created by husband and wife

our story is a simple one,

Our story is a simple one, we began making slip leashes for our own pups years ago during our travels. We found we could make simple leashes faster and more conveniently on the road, as well as constructing personalized pieces that worked well for us and our ten dogs.

Throughout my practices I began developing ideas further, combining techniques and testing materials focusing on natural materials and handmade practices in an effort to continually create products that are as beautiful as they are purposeful.

Moving forward we want to continue to expand our products and purposes, making items that transverse from person and pup, to home, to travel, to storage and beyond. Always pulling inspiration from our own experiences and needs, and always hoping to create minimally designed, artful pieces.

We hope to reflect our values through our products, as well as with our story. We hope to reflect our own interests and inspire a thoughtful life.

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