about us

We're Brianna and Garrett - a wife and husband team making purposeful, artful pieces for the person and pup, for home and travel

our story as a couple begins in 2011, when we were both still in college. We met at a grocery store while Garrett was working- though truthfully he was so busy working he didn't even notice me coming through his checkout line, but I couldn't forget him.


We've held many odd jobs and have many ambitions, challenges or stories to tell, but mostly I think the story of us is a story of dogs. We found our first pup, Crix, together in 2012 and picked him up from a sweet older couple without even knowing what he looked like and fell in love immediately with huskies and their bursting personalities, leading to our second pup adoption Navy, just a month or so later.  


From that experience though we were changed - seeing how Navy was harmed by her upbringing, leaving her extremely nervous and sensitive to odd things such as plastic bag sounds and having her tail touched. We became educated on the world of breeding and dogs and decided there was a better way to do it and began preparing, heavily educating ourselves and finally having our first litter in late 2013. We've raised five litters since then- always right beside our bed and always watching over them, teaching them and guiding them and loving them. It was truly one of the most delightful times in our life. For almost five years we raised pups and with every litter we found ourselves feeling the need for the one who may not transition so well to stay with us, and over time we managed to raise a beautiful family of ten huskies- not to mention the number of families we are still connected to from our litters. 

We loved this time period and from it have learned so much about dogs and about our communication and understanding of them. We've grown as people living and loving our ten pups and we've learned so much from them- though even still we decided breeding was not the best way to help dogs- even doing it responsibly and wholeheartedly caring- there are so many in shelters or on the street still need of homes and that is where our minds shifted to focus on building towards the direction and space that would allow us to take in rescues and help rehome them

In 2016 we shifted our life away from puppies and began to travel. The change was inspiring for us and instantly lifted and lightened our life just being able to move through the world with our family of pups, and in a harsh moment of decisive reality we made the change to condense our life and live small. We worked to rid our life of almost all our belongings -we donated, sold, stored and destroyed the rest of clutter in our lives while simultaneously starting our first travel trailer remodel.

From May 2017 to recent we've been able to travel seasonally and live light, consciously and efficiently off grid, and thereby able to better focus on growing our business, refining our skills and developing a plan for our future. We've changed so much about ourselves in the past three years, almost completely 180 degrees in the opposite direction of who we were. Condensing our life down to what simply matters and functions for us in our tiny home. 

These changes have enhanced and simplified our life so much, making it easier and more freeing to enjoy time making, creating, traveling and simply being with our dogs now able to completely focus on our life with them. These little things have come to be the operating points of our life- living minimally, living sustainably, living consciously-  and yes, living always with our dogs - and mostly we do it without thought.

But these changes have also driven the business and given us points of inspiration to build from. 

In our life everything has to function, everything should be worthy of being seen, appreciated for what it is, how it looks and how it functions, adding value and purpose to our lives on many levels- and if it does not do these things then it is not necessary for us.

Currently we are working on our second trailer remodel with the intention to have more ability to travel to craft shows, we are working to expand our shop with more prints and functional art for your home and travel.

We've been working for almost four years to build this business and create pieces that spoke to us and our lives, and it is always inspiring to work from these connected dots in our life that bridge who we are to what we create, and we hope our products always inspire a beautiful, purposeful and active life for you.


Bri & Garrett