This is a donwloadable 20 page PDF that will be available on the Confirmation -Thank you page and will also be emailed to you! Written by my own experiences living, traveling and learning from our life with ten dogs through our dog guides we hope to explore topics to help improve the way we live and undertsand one another. This is a combo 20 page guide featuring topics onCommunication fundamentals:Basic fundamentals, simple communication and undertsanding their langauge with examples, how to's, exercises and tips included plus Walking:Before you start, types of leads, walking your dog and common problems with examples, how to's, exercises and tips includedExcerpts  :‘Basic Training- Fundamentals and Communication’“To start we may begin by examining all the ways we may currently communicate with our pets. The words used, the routines followed, the problems that occur on a walk, in a day or otherwise, the barking, the chewing, the anxiety of being left alone.Consider these and consider how you react to these.Because in the short truth how we react to our dogs is how theyunderstand good or bad behavior.”‘Walking’“Going on frequent walks and working to improve the ease of your walks will help relax your pup more at home, help with other lessons, relieve tensions and anxieties they may have and overall help them overtime grow into a happy, healthier pup!”“All common problems experienced on walks are most likely due to not properly preparing, ignoring them or not addressing them consistently enough to make a change. In order to form new behaviors we must be willing to learn and perfect better ones. Here are a few common types of problems experienced on walks and ways you may be able to combat them”

A Dog Guide by dogflour: Communication Fundamentals and Walking