Box Harness Slowly handwoven and securely hand sewn
Original harness design - 

available in jute or cotton 
To put on : easily place the large opening over the head keeping the small opening at the top and the v center at the bottom in front of their chest.
Then gently tuck the front legs into the arm openings (similarly to putting a T-shirt on a toddler)
Size options :
One 12”-16” 
Two 16”-20”
Three 20”-24”
Four 24”-28”
Five 28”-32”
Six 32”-36”
Measure their size best by wrapping behind the front legs, meeting in the center over the back and shoulders. Also check the mesurement around the body: starting at the shoulder blades and moving diagnolly around the neck, downward across the chest, behind the opposite front leg, and meeting in the center again over their back shoulder blades - take the larger of the two measurements for most comfrotable fit.
This 4 inch slip adjustment harness hangs comfortably loose and slip adjusts tightly to a minimal length for fitting securely; for best fit leave 2” of excess length
If you have size questions I’m happy to respond via email!

Box Harness