I believe it is important as artists to capture this moment in a more permanent way. To wear it or carry it making it a part of our society and to remember it vividly and to vote or speak out for it each time the opportunity arises. And thinking of ways to do more I was inspired by an old photo of Black protesters which appears to be nearly 100 years old - and felt there was possibly no better way to state it other than this stark reminder that we are still fighting for this simple right - fighting especially for the right for Black Americans and other people of color to feel respected, safe and secure each day and anywhere - at any point in their lives. Thinking of this I searched a while trying to find resources that were actively working to reform police policies- which was far more difficult than it should have been. 

I finally was able to find through civil rights.org / The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (@civilrightsorg ) their letter to congress asking them for immediate Federal statutory reform on an act passed in 2014- death in custody reporting act. I’ve attached the articles here (swipe) that they are asking Congress to adopt and I believe this is one of the best ways to overall cause systematic change but would also like to stay open to the possibility of unknown knowledge. 

 100% of proceeds (roughly $25 of each purchase) will be donated to the leadership conference - if you have other ideas/ information/ ways to help- please please share! -

Black lives matter!

Police brutality must go!

Duck canvas cotton tote hand printed / carved design

Police reform tote